What are the top 10 Magento extensions

The must-have extensions for Magento 2

Magento is one of the most popular shop systems when it comes to selling items on the Internet. Apart from the basic version, you can further equip your shop with Magento extensions. Most of the plugins for the shop system are only available for a fee. The use of the extensions is worthwhile in any case, as you can benefit from many advantages. Most of the expansions focus on promoting sales or increasing sales. The Magento plugins are usually very easy to install and set up in the shop. However, it should be noted whether the various extensions are compatible with each other. This is not always the case with payment solutions, for example. You should therefore only opt for one extension for processing customer payments, if possible. There are around 3500 plugins to discover for Magento. We present the top 5 of the best Magento extensions below.

1. Realex Extension
The Realex Extension is an open source plugin to integrate payment systems into your Magento shop via Global Payments. Realex offers you options for currency management, fraud management, card storage and 3D secure payments, among other things. The plugin integrates all common debit and credit cards in your Magento shop. Realex is a payment provider that can process payments over the Internet for online retailers. The plugin not only integrates simple credit card payments, but also enables you to manage all aspects of the payment process. The main focus is on the safety of customers and dealers. The Realex Extension is available for 54 countries around the world and is ideal for use in international online shops. Of course also for Germany.

2. Elavon Extension
With the Elavon Extension, credit card and direct debit payments can be integrated into the shop system. Elavon is a payment provider that offers payments over the Internet. The plugin offers you a hosted payment page, dynamic currency conversion, transaction reports and the possibility of mail and telephone orders by an authorized admin. Telephone orders are not provided for in the basic version of Magento, so you can use the plugin wonderfully to expand your sales opportunities. The Elavon Extension is available in 29 countries worldwide and is therefore also optimally designed for international use in your Magento shop system.

3. Upsell & Cross Sell Popups
The Upsell & Cross Sell Popups Extensions are used to promote sales of shop items and thus to increase sales in your shop. The plugin provides customers with a display format for relevant or similar articles in the individual view of an article or in the shopping cart. If similar articles are upsell, they are usually offered a little more expensive. You can create various bundles or sales packages of items with the cross sell function. The Magento Extension can usually increase your sales by between 4% and 5%.

4. Free Gifts & Coupons
The Free Gifts & Coupon Extension is also used to promote sales. As the name suggests, it is about small gifts and vouchers. The aim of the plugin is to use small gimmicks to lead customers to a conversion. A conversion in the area of ​​online shops is nothing more than convincing customers to make an online purchase. Apart from gifts and coupons, discounted items also have a sales-promoting effect. To do this, however, these must be clearly identified. The Magento Extension can help you with this and increase your sales in the online shop. The plugin is always active when a customer has added an item to the shopping cart.

5. Gift card extension
The Giftcard Extension makes it possible to integrate gift cards and vouchers in the online shop. Gift cards can be designed individually and there is the possibility that users can incorporate personal messages. The settlement of the gift cards and vouchers takes place later via options in the shopping cart. The value of the card is offset against the final balance at checkout. The plugin is also used to promote sales and thus to increase sales in your Magento shop system.

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