Are Agile and DevOps the same

With DevOps into the agile future

The term DevOps is made up of the first letters of the words Development and Operations as well as a plural s.

What is the core idea behind DevOps?

The delivery (deployment) of software updates creates tension between developers and operators. The developers want to implement new things as quickly as possible. And so, for example, provide the customer with improved functions. IT operations, on the other hand, tend to be cautious, to insist on the existing. The main reason for this conservatism is the risk of default. The desire for change and progress stands against persistence and caution.

DevOps wants to reconcile these two opposing positions and lead them to a fruitful collaboration. The optimized cooperation between development and operation, supported by management, should make the delivery of software and software updates more efficient and with fewer errors.

Is DevOps essential?

The requirements of customers, both consumers and decision-makers from industry, trade, services and institutions have changed radically. Due to constant technological progress and global competition, companies are under pressure to implement change requests as quickly as possible. Scrum and other agile methodsare ideally accompanied by the DevOps approach. In addition, DevOps is seen by many as indispensable for the step into Cloud.

6 basic requirements for DevOps to work


• Customer-oriented thinking and acting (Customer-Centric Action)
• From the beginning, think about the end result (Create with the End in Mind)
• End-to-end responsibility: fully responsible teams consisting of development and operational employees who develop, operate, implement and provide support.
• Autonomous teams made up of equal members (Cross-Functional Autonomous Teams)
• Continuous improvement: permanent adaptation to technical changes, changed customer requirements and additional framework conditions such as laws and regulations.
• Most extensive automation (Automate Everything You Can)

Other needs for DevOps:

• Automated tests: Only they make it possible to deliver quickly and deliver good quality at the same time.
• Monitoring: It is important to check the success in a neutral way. This is the only way to make a target / actual comparison possible. The performance for the client can be assessed neutrally.
• Sufficient personal responsibility: The developers should also be able to decide on rollouts and bug fixes at short notice.
• Company-wide learning and sharing of knowledge: Knowledge is often hoarded. This contradicts the DevOps idea, for which knowledge and exchange are central. As far as possible, criticism and experiences of users should also be recorded. Artificial intelligence, which evaluates chat entries, for example, can be helpful here.

Too much speed can endanger safety. Here sets DevSecOpsa.

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