Who can do a Masters in Nanotechnology

  • What was the decisive factor for you to go abroad?

During my bachelor's degree, my own mentality was rather impetuous, hungry for success, unable to study step by step. I think this problem is due on the one hand to my immaturity and on the other hand to the fast pace of the environment. So I thought about it for a long time and decided to go abroad, where I can live, think and study in a new way.

  • Between all the possible exchange countries, what helped you choose Germany?

First I thought about going to North America or Europe, and then I wondered about going to Germany or another European country. You have to combine your own preferences, your own major and rationally assess whether you can afford the costs of studying abroad.

Personally, I grew up with Grimm's fairy tales and have had a good impression of Germany since I was a child.

  • How did the recognition of achievements work? Do you have any tips for students who would also like to go to Germany?

There is now a complete online certification system for Chinese students, the "Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange". Students collect the required materials, then submit the scanned version online and wait for certification. The only problem is that the time can be a little long. Therefore, it is better to prepare earlier and allow enough time for the certification process.

  • How did the health insurance work in advance?

Once students meet the university's language requirements and receive the university's letter of admission, they can submit a formal insurance application. After that, everything will go smoothly. The employees of the health insurance company will help you with the follow-up.

  • Do you have any tips for looking for an apartment in Germany?

In online groups such as the Facebook group or the We-Chat group, there will be many opportunities to rent or sublet within the university students. Renting an apartment online through the WG-Wanted website is another method, but there may be some risk involved. My tip is that students should actively search instead of passively wait. If you have problems before renting, communicating truthfully with the landlord can avoid conflicts later. If it is a "shared flat" make sure you understand the housing regulations.

On the one hand, do not be selfish during the living time, but do the cleaning in public spaces according to the schedule. On the other hand, if the landlord or roommates behave across borders, you must decisively stop or refuse. Simple rejection may be a little difficult for the Chinese, but it should also be learned.

  • Are there things that you would like to have known beforehand and that you can recommend to students before they embark on their adventure?

When studying abroad alone you must be responsible at all times, for your own safety, for your physical and mental health, and for the normal course of your studies. Life is like an airplane. From the outside it seems to fly smoothly, but the reality is all about adapting and solving problems.

Keep thinking during your studies: What do you want? Do you only need life experience and a degree, or do you want to stay and work in Germany? Personally, I want all of it. In order to get my degree as soon as possible, I do not take part-time jobs, so I mainly focus my energy on studying. Applications for internships are important for people who want to work or live in Germany for a longer period of time.

  • Please name 5 things that you absolutely have to do in Germany!

Make some good friends

Learn to enjoy being alone

Get closer to nature: see mountains, forests, rivers and lakes.

to travel

Try to learn more about the culture in Germany and in Europe

  • Would you choose it again?

In any case.