North Carolina Barbecue is overrated

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There are things that are only available in selected Zurich shops. And once you've bought it, you buy it again and again. Whether croissants, country hunters or health drops. The favorites of the editorial team.

The summit
No croissant is safe from me. I have had them all. Presumably I could tell from the sound of the first bite into one of these baked goods how much butter is in it and thus to «Wetten, dass ...? occur. But I content myself with the quiet enjoyment of these delicacies. And nothing gives me more culinary pleasure than a croissant from the Ritschard bakery in Altstetten. With a gentle crack you break through the golden-brown, paper-like crust of this marvel and then bite into the butter-soaked interior. A dream turned into a croissant, baked according to a secret house recipe that is now in its third generation. Even the shape is unusual - because every single croissant was rolled by hand. With a lot of love. (tif)
Ritschard bakery, Bachmattstrasse 5, 8048 Zurich

The mustard
At Heuberger you enter a world of slogans. "I make you hot and I make you drunk", I make you hot, I make you drunk, this is how the chilli and wine shop advertises on Hallwylplatz. If you stroll through the shelves, other sayings catch your eye, most of them advertise the spiciness of a sauce: "We're talkin serious - Bone suckin 'mustard». In the glass, a mustard sweetened with molasses - a by-product of sugar cane production - and honey, and also enriched with paprika, garlic and a slightly spicy jalapeño. Heuberger imports the delicate, not too hot sauce from North Carolina, the home of barbecue. We compose the crude slogan: «The best mustard in town». (dsa)
Heuberger, Morgartenstrasse 12, 8004 Zurich

The little sausage
My nose will not be fooled. Every time I stand in front of the butcher's shop and see these sausages, I have the feeling that I can smell the spicy smoky taste through the plastic packaging. I know it is not easy for sausage lovers in this world. There are more and more people who eat meat substitutes that look like meat and are still called that. A contradiction? I don't need to understand. I enjoy mine Uetlibergerli. That's the name of the little ones Smoked sausages from the butcher's Künzli in Albisrieden. They are made according to an old, secret house recipe in Stallikon at the foot of the Uetliberg. With the first bite, I always imagine the smoke chamber, it must be a large, black room, the air saturated with bureau smoke. By the way, the Künzli family doesn't just scrap any animal waste, there is a lot of love and decades of professional pride in the production. The Uetlibergerli taste wonderful as a snack between meals or as an aperitif. And you also feel good in your backpack on a hike. (wsc)
Künzli butcher's shop, Letzigraben 149, 8047 Zurich

The droplets
There are the 100 most precious milliliters in the household: the resistance drops from St. Peter's Pharmacy. They are as indispensable as ground coffee in a can or milk in the refrigerator. There is a reason for that. The homeopathic remedy has saved the mother from countless flu in recent years, as long as she has taken the bitter drops early enough. The composition of echinacea (coneflower), wild indigo, the poisons of the forest rattle and bushmaster snake (highly diluted, of course) and plenty of alcohol works wonders for your immune system. And even the father, who once had little interest in natural medicine, swears by the bottle and regularly gets supplies. And that is exactly what seems to strengthen the immune system. The memory of the venerable shop behind the Bahnhofstrasse with its stucco ceiling, wooden frames and old, brown medicine jars and artificial ivy tendrils make you forget a sore throat and sneezing fits. (ema)
St. Peter Pharmacy, St. Peterstrasse 16, 8001 Zurich

The pie
Actually, you shouldn't spread your insider tips in the newspaper. But we are making an exception for this cake dream. Surprise, that's the name of the circular temptation with chocolate coating, is a stunner. The cake mass is characterized by a light hazelnut cream, in the middle of which a light caramel core is hidden. It is covered with a chocolate icing, which, because of its soft texture, has already been a topic of conversation for round tables. Surprise is available in two sizes. Unfortunately, the good piece is only available in larger branches. Sprüngliseems to be producing the surprise cake only in limited numbers. (bg)
Confiserie Sprüngli, Bahnhofstrasse 21, 8001 Zurich

The salad bag
An excellent salad dressing is an orchid in the vegetable garden; a background voice that sings in the foreground. I've written this before and I'm writing it again because I couldn't write it better: The hymn of praise Kabuki, the Japanese dressing made in Zurich. A sauce with black sesame seeds that, like a good whiskey, is a sip of it, just like that, without a salad. And their story is also good. It is about a Japanese man in Bern who served a sauce in his restaurant for which people traveled from far away. And it's about a Zurich food engineer who fell in love in a candy factory in Japan, received the recipe from the Japanese in Bern, and later on Marinello and Globus sold the first kabuki sauces. (regret)
Globus, Schweizergasse 11, 8001 Zurich

The pasticcerias
Love and devotion are the best ingredients, says confectioner Paolo Caredda from Josefstrasse. And not only are many locals addicted to his pasticcerias, his customers from Napoli are too. They even send their chauffeurs to Zurich to shop with the master. Sfogliatelle with and without filling (see picture), aragoste, thickly loaded with cream, mini pasticcerias that disappear with a single bite in your mouth as if they had never existed. Cherry amaretti that melt on the tongue, intoxicate the senses and drive you back into the shop to Paolo, the fattening man. But what the heck, the sweet pieces make you fat, but above all they make you happy - and doesn't it mean: "dolce far niente?" (roc)
Caredda pastry shop, Josefstrasse 119, 8005 Zurich

The truffles
Chocolate is a creed. And many claim to have found the real deal. You are all wrong. The only absolute benchmark for chocolate is that Champagne truffles from Zurich confectioner Teuscher apply. The taste of the small balls dusted with powdered sugar cannot be put into words. And it's not just the taste that makes the chocolate experience unique - it's also the ambience of the confectionery. In the tiny shop on Storchengasse, customers are treated like kings and the pralines are packed like diamonds. Recommended for lovers: a small box with only two champagne truffles for six francs. (re)
Teuscher, Storchengasse 9, 8001 Zurich

The Landjäger
Others buy Luxemburgerli when they want to make themselves happy, I buy a country hunter. A special country hunter, however. The one from Prétôt on Kuttelgasse. And the lean one, although I don't know whether it really contains less fat than the conventional one. It just doesn't have any visible fat particles. I take the soft ones, my husband likes the hard ones, the in-laws the medium hard ones. And because the smell of smoke makes my mouth water as soon as I enter the small shop, I buy a cabbage saucisson and a Valais dry sausage and a Jurassic absinthe sausage. At the end of the day, the fifty cash is not enough, although the Päärli Landjäger only costs 6 francs. (net)
Prétôt, Kuttelgasse 3, 8001 Zurich

The lemon tart
When I was a little boy, I was sometimes allowed to take my grandmother on the train from Baden to Zurich and pay a visit to Franz Carl Weber. Then we went to the Honold, where I got one every time Lemon tart selected - wonderfully sweet and wonderfully sour at the same time. Nothing has changed to this day. And so sometimes, when everything in life seems to be mixed up, I go to the Honold, bite into a lemon tart and feel like a happy little child for a few bites again. (gg)
Confiserie Honold, Rennweg 53, 8001 Zurich

And what are your Zurich delicacies? Suggestions, as always, directly in the comment columns. So we can soon complete the list.