How does the online web design service work

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Hosting: enough space for your website

Hosting or web hosting is primarily understood to mean the provision of storage space on which customers can save the data of their Internet presence. A provider not only offers storage space for hosting websites, it must also ensure data security and guarantee that users from the Internet have access to the content of the website or the online shop at all times. Constant availability plays a particularly important role in e-commerce, because offline times cost money and also mean a loss of image.

With hosting from web-d-vision you are on the safe side: we offer various packages with high-performance components and a good price-performance ratio. In this way, your data is kept safe and available at all times. Our hosting service also offers sufficient resources in terms of storage volume and traffic load for larger projects.

Joomla CMS: the proven solution for managing websites

Would you like to provide a website with new content, change existing content or add daily updates? These tasks can be easily implemented via the backend of Joomla CMS. The magic word is "Content Management System" (CMS) and enables even less experienced users to manage the content of their websites. Knowledge of programming languages ​​such as HTML or CSS is not required for the Joomla CMS.

With Joomla CMS you get access to all existing content, which is divided into different categories. For example news, product descriptions or texts from various sub-pages. With just a few clicks of the mouse, this content can be edited in the Joomla CMS or new contributions can be added. Our agency relies on Joomla CMS because it offers customers convenience and has already proven itself a thousand times over.

Logo design: simple and effective

A square and a diagonal, and the Deutsche Bank logo, which everyone in Europe should be familiar with today, is ready. The simplicity of the circle with the star in the middle cannot be surpassed either, a successful logo design with simple means. The list of examples is long, you could almost say: the more successful the brand, the simpler the logo design.

Web-d-vision creates unique logos for your company. This task is a science in itself: the core characteristics of a company must be combined with simple forms. What is created in logo design is a symbol with recognition value, a likeable look and zeitgeist.

Logos as image and word mark

Today almost all companies use logos for their own presentation, which can consist of image and text elements. Well-known brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Microsoft or Mercedes-Benz maintain their logos, they are continuously adapted to the taste of the times. Sometimes the logos are only changed minimally so as not to endanger the brand's identity. Small companies also need logos in order to give themselves their own identity and thus create recognition value. Logos do not always have to be elaborately designed, it is only important that they symbolize the values ​​of a company. Logos do not necessarily have to express what a company does, as many customers believe. Not a single car manufacturer uses a logo in its car, and even large corporations such as BP or Shell do without the representation of oil fields or gas stations in their logos. If you have no idea which logo might fit your company, just use your name as the logo, Coca-Cola has made it to the strongest brand in the world.

Newsletter software for effective online marketing

The newsletter is one of the simplest and most effective strategies of professional online marketing. With the appropriate newsletter software, customers can be regularly informed about current trends, discount campaigns or special sales are also distributed via the newsletter. A modern newsletter software turns mundane advertising into an effective online marketing tool that brings benefits to both the customer and the company.

Databases can be sorted by the newsletter software according to many different criteria in order to minimize wastage in the newsletter. A professional newsletter software enables each newsletter to be individually designed in your own corporate design. Due to the selection of different target groups and a personal address, the newsletter is no longer a mass mail, but a personal message with a communicative character.

E-commerce with growing market share

A trend has continued for many years and the trend is persistent. Online shops in a wide variety of industries are currently enjoying great success. But the Internet markets are becoming denser: anyone who wants to remain successful in the coming years or want to launch successful online shops needs sophisticated shop systems that stand out from the competition.

Web-d-vision designs online shops to measure: with powerful sales systems, sophisticated design, sophisticated usability and accompanying online marketing. Our agency's online shops are planned down to the last minute in order to guarantee future success. If you have any questions about the design of online shops or specific inquiries, you can contact us at any time!